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Civic engagement
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Civic engagement or civic participation has been defined as "Individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern."[1] Civic engagement has many elements, but in its most basic sense it is about decision making, or governance over who, how, and by whom a community's resources will be allocated. The principle of civic engagement underscores the most basic principle of democratic governance, i.e. that sovereignty resides ultimately in the people (the citizenry). Civic engagement is about the right of the people to define the public good, determine the policies by which they will seek the good, and reform or replace institutions that do not serve that good.[2] Civic engagement can also be summarized as a means of working together to make a difference in the civil life of our communities and developing the combination of skills, knowledge, values, and motivation in order to make that difference. It means promoting a quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.[3]

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Short BIO
Tribe Administrator Sabrina Mejias other name known as Mina Caraballo is a MOAA Officer And Certified Or Credentialed Volunteer Army Corps Mentor Officer In Continued Education Training. She graduated from High School as a Home School Student with a 3.4 unaccredited gpa, but went on to continue her advancement in higher education. Which has led to a Major in Law from Alison College/ or University online. She went on to receive an accredited 2.5 gpa and a Post Graduate Degree/Diploma upon graduation, she has received with her new credentials, recognition from the Federal Bar Association for Lawyers and is listed with in their Attorney's Member Directory. Shortly after graduating from Law, she decided to continue to apply her skills and continue with her studies. She received a Diploma in Nursing  3.7 gpa (her National Provider Identifier is 1598184087   /  License Statistics  - 251K00000X - PUBLIC HEALTH OR WELFARE  NC  License Number  002495302 ) , this personal bio. of credentials for Miss Sabrina Mejias is current and up to date, after providing you information for the third and last credential, a Complimentary Diploma Certificate In Politics 3.2 gpa, this will complete her currently held - officially documented - and Certified Courses for Majors with Diploma Degrees. She has recently undergone Admission into a Major in Criminal Justice as a currently enrolled student in American Military University, an Academy of Higher Education offered to Military Personnel and their families. Sabrina worked her way into the Legal Department beginning in the Medical Field Or Volunteer Career Programs. She has worked in a wide variety of Industries and with that came training, she is currently registered with the BBB in good standing. She volunteered for different occasions in her community, progressed her education and experience through obtaining qualifications and various certificates, degrees, diplomas or licensing. She eventually earned and worked her way, from an educational aspect into the studies of Government. She is an active E-mentor, Army Volunteer E-mentor Officer, a Military Association organized with Military Women in mind. Officer E-Mentor Program, to inquire see, and proceed to Officer E-mentor, or sign up and request to be a Protege for any Officer of you're choice.

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A new program we are offering/volunteering to mentees 1 day a week for a couple of hours, for as long as needed. This is a basic  credentialing counseling program for individuals offered and if approved, it is to be decided case by case and program services are provided 1 on 1. You may find more information regarding this program on CNVMMETP web portal in the webpage directory at the top of this page.

Cherocreek Nation Provides Some Legal Services, Below Is A List Of The Assistance I/We Provide:
Advisory In Paralegal Matters
Notary Services With My Public Safety Officer Signature As Bearing Witness To You're Official Documents.
Records/Forms Search And Printing
Records Signing Digitally Or Written, Copied/Scanned Uploaded
Mentor-Ship Military Officer Or Civilian Officer
Legal Assistance/Paralegal Training
Credentialing Counseling
As Volunteer Services We Offer Certain Benefits As Stated Above To Qualified Parties.
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Cherocreek Nation
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Registration Type: a business formed/organized in W. Virginia and North Carolina
Primary Business Location: Oregon District 2 (Mobile Intercontinental Network Security)
Business type: General Security Enforcement Officer Services                  
( Newly formed Licensed Business Entity 2014)
 Domestic Charter CNIGSA News Brief:

For dog lovers, it’s an absolute: The unconditional love of a canine companion heals the soul, reaching into the heart to cross canyons of loneliness and despair.

Military researchers now are trying to learn if there’s real science behind that semimystical link — and if so, whether it can help treat the signature wounds of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

A $5 million study is underway at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., to evaluate whether and how training service dogs may help patients with traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Participating troops are paired with puppies that they will raise for two years to serve as assistance dogs for other injured veterans.

Anecdotal personal stories aside, a handful of studies have suggested that working with dogs releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that promotes bonding. The new research seeks to quantify these observations.

“There’s not a lot of information. ... It’s hard to conduct randomized, controlled trials as to why some people benefit,” said Navy Capt. Robert Koffman, a psychiatrist contributing to the study as part of his job at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Bethesda.

The research is modeled on a program started five years ago at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health System in California.

Rick Yount, executive director of the nonprofit Warrior Canine Connection, which breeds golden and Labrador retrievers to become service dogs, said the program succeeds by combining the power of the human-animal bond with the “warrior ethos” of helping brothers-in-arms.

Being in need of mental health treatment is “contrary” to how combat troops see themselves, Yount said, “but tell them you need volunteers to help train service dogs, and a lot of hands go up.”

The study involves at least 40 service members, half of whom will train dogs.

The research will follow participants through the program, examining physiological responses — such as heart rate and stress markers — as well as any psychiatric changes before, during and after the study period.

If the results are anything like what Palo Alto has seen, Yount said troops will benefit, and a new crop of hard-working service dogs will be available for injured vets.

“While service members are trying to teach the dog that the world is a safe place, they are, at the same time, working on their own triggers,” Yount said.

The study is the first Defense Department research to examine the interaction between dogs and humans with head injuries or mental health conditions.

A larger, different study is just getting underway at the Veterans Affairs Department, but that research will focus on the effectiveness of trained psychiatric service dogs as well as companion dogs — pets — to ease PTSD symptoms.

On any given day, service dogs can be spotted strolling through the NICoE, Building 62, which houses injured troops, and the America Building outpatient clinics at Walter Reed-Bethesda.

Koffman’s golden-Lab mix, Ron, works as an animal assistance therapy dog, breaking the ice between his handler and patients.

He said the magnetic draw of dogs is one of many reasons they’re beneficial to patients with anxiety disorders, including PTSD.

“When you have a dog in public that’s as irresistible as mine, it’s almost impossible to get anywhere on time,” he said. “It forces a person to socialize.”

The Pentagon is expected to update Congress on the research’s progress next year. Advocates say the results may guide the military, veteran and medical communities on canine-assisted therapy, service dog policies, medical treatment and more.

Retired Army Col. Elspeth Ritchie, lifelong dog lover and chief clinical officer for the Washington, D.C., Department of Mental Health, said dog therapies “are not yet a ‘best practice.’ ... They’re still new and emerging.”

“But the anecdotal information — just from talking with the service member — is so strong,” she said. “As complementary or alternative medicine, it’s powerful.”

"I am registered with the American Bar Association's Military Pro Bono Project, a nationwide program that connects junior-enlisted servicemembers in need of pro bono legal help with volunteer attorneys throughout the nation."

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