Shawnee Cherokee Creek Descendants

       Cherocreek Nation-Federally Recognized Tribe 

Federal Tribal Government Entity ID

The Tribes Fresh Farms inc.

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Cherocreek Nation Fisheries Is A Commercially Licensed Fishing And Private Hatchery Hobbyist Business Entity.
CHEROCREEK NATION IS A REGISTERED FISHING VENDOR IN THE STATE OF OREGON, THIS REGISTRATION IS FOR THE FUTURE BENEFIT OF THE TRIBE AND IT'S MEMBERS, FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!All tribe members seeking Commercial Fishing Licensing through the tribes Commercial Fishing Business License, or AKA to be a licensed member in the tribe please inquire by notifying us or contacting us, and  we will assist you in this process. If you will be doing fishing business, or any fishing activity, please keep your tribe ID handy, also make sure you have inquired about you're licensing, and have been approved for it's endorsement.

Cherocreek Nation Here is a General Business Registration/Business License. ID Account number LLC  600944680 the basis of this license is: for public patient services, agricultural and farming purposes
This ID Number is also Registered For Sales And Use Tax
Business License Type Medicinal Botanical And Manufacturing LLC (Cherocreek Nation and Cherocreek Nation  Fresh Farms Inc. is a licensed Business LLC which means we may Incorporate other Entities to our licenses as the Incoporation Grows) We hold numerous licenses and certifications for our business needs.
 Patient Registration (For Medicinal Programs and Medicinal Purposes ) or general patient licensing please research your states qualifications, you must make an appoint for patient services, Services are currently closed until further notice thank you for you're interest in our patient/provider services!!! Our License Bylaws are available fore our Fresh Farms Inc. All of Cherocreek Nation's business entities have been registered and licensed. If you are requesting a copy of licenses, and or registration, please note some licenses may take a while to be able to provide them to you "note some may be available", the cause for a non available license is because processing may still be taking place, or it may be in shipping.