Shawnee Cherokee Creek Descendants

       Cherocreek Nation-Federally Recognized Tribe 

Federal Tribal Government Entity ID

Army Volunteer Corps Service Record This Record Is 3 Pages This Is Page 1: For An Updated Version With Sponsor Address/Installation Address
(Sponsor Not Assigned / NA)
Please Send Inquiries To Tribe, And If Approved You Will Be Granted A Newer Record Copy Dates Will Be Stamped On Record, Records Are Empty For Volunteer Activity Due To Current Student  Status And Training

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Army Volunteer Corps/Serving During Operations And Conflicts Desert Storm Desert Shield From May-2014- Present
Service Records, If you are wondering my Sponsor/Installation address is Oregon National Guard Armory And Medford Recruiting

1701 S Pacific Hwy, Medford, OR 97501

Oregon Army National Guard

1420 E Main St, Ashland, OR 97520


Sponsor Not Assigned

The tribe has uploaded the first few images into the wall of fame, here is a couple of the tribes pinoy roosters, our flag and some credentials I currently carry.

Sabrina Mejias Accredited Law Degree Graduate Diploma Degree Certification Transcript 2.5 gpa with a Complimentary Graduate Diploma Certificate In Fundamentals Of American Civics/Politics Graduate Certificate Degree 3.2 gpa, Diploma In Nursing 3.7 gpa  Note Some Institutes refer to Graduate Certificates as Graduate Diploma Degrees, all of these courses are taken as Diploma/Graduate Certificate Courses.

My College Reference Letter for my Law Diploma

My NON-Issued Army Aviation Coat My Baby

 Mentor Certification US


Army Officer E-mentor
First Page Of Transcript, It Is Quite A Few Pages, I Did Not Feel Like Uploading The Whole Transcript

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